Portal 2 Co-op Course 1 Chamber 1

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Course 1 - Part 1: Chamber 01
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This very first co-op chamber in the game is exactly what you expect it to be, very simple with only buttons and portals being the elements you have to work with.


The goal here is to get through the other side of the room which is separated by glass. There are 2 buttons operate the doors need to gain access to either side of the room, and portalable surfaces on both sides which you will need to make use of.




  • None


# Atlas P-body
1Enter the chamber and place your first portal on the surface directly to the right as you enter the room.
2Stand on the button directly in front of the entrance to open the door just ahead of the button.
3Head through the door and into the small corridor behind it.
4As soon as Blue is through the door, step off the button and head left to the second button to stand on that one which will then open up the exit door from the corridor which Blue is in.
5Walk through the newly opened door and place an exit portal on the wall to the right of it.
6You then simply need to walk through the first portal to make it to the area near the exit door and so both players can easily finish the chamber.

Video walkthrough

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