Portal 2 Chapter 4 Test Chamber 21 (Escape)

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Portal 2 Chapter 4 Test Chamber 21
sp_a2_bts1.bsp Jail Break

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This is the thirtieth level of the game, and the final part of Chapter 4. This level is set within a Test Chamber and the maintenance areas of the Aperture Science facility. This level advances the central plot, and does not contain any significant Portal-related challenges.

Portal 2 Chapter 4 Test Chamber 22
sp_a2_bts2.bsp Escape

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  • Escape GLaDOS' Test Shaft (Test Chamber 21)



Intended Chamber Solution

  • Place a portal on the wall where the Hard Light Bridge ends and the other one on the left side of the exit.
  • Go through the portal and push the Switch.
  • Continue to walk to the cube.
  • Put the cube on the button.
  • Use the portal again to proceed to the chamber lock.

Actual Course of Action

Escaping (Part 1)

  • Wait for Wheatley to open the wall and run to the Maintenance area.
  • Run to the left and continue forwards.
  • Turn right on just before the catwalk ends.
  • Turn left and jump down. Continue by to the right up the stairs.
  • Run forward as much as you can. Turn left and continue running.
  • Jump down on the left side.
  • Use the Bridge and run away from the Chamber until the Bridge disappears.
  • Turn to the opposite direction and continue running.

Escaping (Part 2)

  • Jump from the catwalk to the area between chambers and run forward until you get to the wall.
  • Pick up the turret and knock over the turret behind it.
  • Turn left and go behind the tube and knock over the third turret.
  • Let go off the turret (make sure it gets knocked over).
  • Open a portal on the wall near the third turret. Shoot the other portal behind the panels where the third turret is. Go through the portal.
  • Run to the right and follow Wheatley until a turret is revealed on the left.

Sector Destruction

  • Get rid of the turret by using a portal and continue following Wheatley. Enter the elevator at the end of the catwalk.
  • Wait for the elevator to stop and go through the door.

Video walkthrough

Download demo files: Download Part 1Download Part 2

Related achievements

Make a break for it
Good Listener
Good Listener
Take GLaDOS' escape advice


  • If you take too long to escape the test chamber, GLaDOS will fill the room with neurotoxin.
  • If you fall for GLaDOS's attempt to trick you back into testing, she traps you and fills the room with neurotoxin.
  • The music was remixed by the game Portal Roleplay: Remastered.


An Accent Beyond by Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory [2:58] | Download Download | Play icon.png Play



GLaDOS: I've got a surprise for you after this next test. Not a fake, tragic surprise like last time.
GLaDOS: A REAL suprise, with tragic consequences... ...and REAL confetti this time. The good stuff.
GLaDOS: Our last bag. Part of me's going to miss it - but at the end of the day - it was just taking up space.
GLaDOS: What's going on?
GLaDOS: Who turned off the lights?
Wheatley: Hey, buddy!
Wheatley: I'm speaking in an accent that is beyond her range of hearin'!
Wheatley: I know I'm early, but we have---
GLaDOS: Look, metal ball - I CAN hear you.
Wheatley: Run, I don't need to do the voice. RUN...
Wheatley: RUN!!!
Wheatley: Come on, come on!
Wheatley: Run! Come on - I'm closing the doors!
Wheatley: Run! Come on - I'm closing the doors!